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Birthdate:Aug 8
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I´m a cookie.

Probably a chocolate chip cookie. With filling. Sometimes.

Cookies have a short live....*how sad* mixed and kneated...rolled up on a table and getting into form then....being almost burned in the ofen and then ...just waiting to be eaten.

horrible...and sad.

but tasty.


Hi I´m an 28 year old something - maybe you can call me an artist. I love to write and draw so that´s when I´m creative. You can find my drawings here: so come and take a look if you want. Mostly it´s fanart for artists I´m drooling over. My Fanfics and stuff like that is also available here ^,~ [info]a_bards_tale Besides that I´m addicted to Asian culture and like to learn more about that. I´m trying to learn Japanese and some korean by myself. Just ask me if you wanna know more about me.

This is my journal. I mostly use it for ranting...and blubbering about fandom and stuff. I force noone to read it ... so feel totally free to take a look or not. It is friendslocked though. At least most of the entries.

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Not Matter, I am ☆CASSIOPEIA☆ at heart!

<3 take a look the the blogcrews and my claims <3

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XD I luv this page!

White Knot

Support love.

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