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..so.. I´m done with my first day back at work...gooshh..I´m exhausted!

after around an hour I felt like I had worked straight for 5 hours.....-.- I kept coughing the whole time which ended in a headache. Seems I really should go an allergetic test when I´m at that specialist. anyway..I traded shifts with a collegue tomorrow so I don´t have to work the whole day ...just half the day. I dunno if I can go through a whole day already.

besides that....it annoys me pretty bad that I can´t sleep. I dont´fall asleep before 4 or 5 am..-.- totally awake before that.

what else?
thanks to the sunshine outside it´s really warm *yay* for that! and I felt like drawing again. Well..I´ll be slow and all that but at least I felt like it again. I can actually just draw by natural daylight (almost wrote gaylight here) and guess that´s one of the reasons I mostly work on that in summer. I hope i can be at least a little productive this summer. The last real drawing I made was done last july..that´s sooo long ago.. -.-

so....guess that´s it now.

*huggles* see ya

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*HUGGLES* I hope you get better soon. And, ack, the possibility of allergies *hugs/relates*

Yay for warm weather!!!! Hopefully it'll help with getting better faster <333

It's awesome that you want to draw again :D Hwaiting!!!! You're such an amazing artist.