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umm..well ^.^nothing happened. Well...not much at least!

my cutie pinky Ipod arrived XDD yay..I needed around 4 hours to figure out how it works *cough* did I ever mention I´m totally stupid when it comes to such stuff??ß
besides that someone got my 33.333 kiriban on my deviantartpagewow...so many hits XD funny thing is it was a dbsk fan XD so I have to draw a JaeHo pic now XDDD yay!

uuumm..what eeeeelse? work was okay. My boss is in weirdly good mood ...it´s almost scary XD
just 2 more episodes of Honey & clover left to watch! ...and so many other doramas I wanna watch XDDD but tomorrow I really should do some of the stuff I had planned for today ^^,,,

oh ..did I mention Natascha´s grandma died while I was in cologne?... well with her my last connection to natascha died as well. I had hoped I could go on her funeral but I was still on vacations and heard only later of it. I had really secretly hoped to meet her parents there and maybe get some news or at least her email or something...
well...shouldn´t be so...or something. *sighs*


ah..and this it took from [livejournal.com profile] kamuikaneo...I THINK it was meant to be a meme XD

Life’s 10 Simple Pleasures

1. Daydreaming
2. Music
3. seeing my family´s and friend´s more or less healthy and okay.
4. anticipation on the upcoming vacations
5. a blue sky, with tiny white clouds
6. a rainbow
7. talking to friends and just chatting - or not
8. sleeping without nightmares
9. the VERY seldom moments my cat let´s me stroke her fur
10. a (very) hot shower

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