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okay ^.^now here´s my dorama list. What I´ve watched.....what I ´d recommend....(and what I wanna watch!)



Aishiteru te Itte kure ***
= *_* Loved it!! the whole love story was so great... *_* and I liked Etsushi in it

Atashinchi no Danshi*
= Ahh..I luff Maki ! XD and the whole dorama is cute and funny. Yamamoto Yusuke is hilarious..especially in the first episodes XDDD

= XD Matsujin.....liked it! If only I didn´t have that craving for italien food the WHOLE time while watching....

Boku to Kanojo to XXX
= FUN! lots of fun. XD gender switches.

Densha Otoko
= hmm..the novel was better......

= It´s a must least the first season ^^.... season 2 was okay..haven´t seen season 3 yet...o.o

Great Teacher Onizuka
= XD worth it! even if it´s just for young Oguri and Kobuzuka Yosuke XD but yay!

Hachimitsu no Clover*
= *__* aahh...lovely. Nari and Toma are great! <3 I really wanna read the manga now....

Hana yori dango**
=Also a must see XDD loved it XD ha..:Rui..*_* still gotta see the movie though o.o

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e**
=" XD worth alone for the scene of Oguri kissing Toma XD ....and Yamamoto cute...XD great dorama . lots of fun

IWGP - Ikebukuro West Gate Park

Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu***
= One of my absolute Favourites!! So sad but also so...*_* ahh..just watch it!

Innocent Love
= Also with Maki ^^;; sounds pretty dramatic up until now! but lovely nevertheless. A little too much "church" for my taste but I love the love-triangles in it. AND Narimiya Hiroki´s role is in Love with another^^;; the end is a little wth though o.O

Kimi wa Petto***
= the first dorama I saw...and still one of my favourites!!

Liar Game
= the idea was nice....the dorama.hmm....I dunno. Can´t say I didn´t like it but I´ve seen better ones

=Not really a dorama. More a movie. but I really recommend it!!

Long Love Letter**
= totally different...o.o but awsome!

My Boss My Hero
= funny

Nobuta wa Produce
= XD well...CUTE YamaPi.. .XD and the first one with Maki *_* I really liked it

Proposal Daisakusen
="hmmmmm...I was nice. Not the best I´ve seen.

= exciting......okay.

RH Plus
= A really cute little Vampire Dorama with some Shonen-Ai Hints ^^, XDD The manga just came out here as well. I liked it ^^

Strawberry on the Shortcake
= mm...can´t remember that much of it. It was okay but not one of the best I´ve watched.

Summer Snow***
= lovely!! *_* Oguri was AWSOME in it...and the end.. *sobs* Loved it!! gotta watch it again! <3

= Also more a movie..and guuhh.. T__T cried so it but so SAD


The first Shop of Coffee Prince ***
=" WATCH IT! OMG WATCH IT!! *loves it* XD it´s great! just great!

Wonderful Life **
= Actually the first dorama I actually BOUGHT XD ..and hmmm..lovely. First it´s about a lovestory..later it gets really teary....but´s really nice! I liked it. Had to get used to the fact that K-doramas are longer than J-Dorama´s though with it XDD


One pound of Gospel
= Haven´t finished watching that one yet. I dunno...I just watched like the first 3 episodes and never finished. I should. But it wasn´t THAT good that I just HAD to go on watching.. ^^,

Bara no nai hanaya
= actually..pretty nice. I just never made it over the 3rd episode o.o .....

Cupid no Itazura
= Same as with Bara no nai hanaya XD somehow didn´t make it past ep 3......though the story was actually rather fun

Hotman 2
= Hmm..actually...nice story..o.o why did I never finish it?

= watched around half of it..but actually...-.- not really my piece of cake.....

Lunch no Joou
= hmm.....why didn´t I finsih watching? it somehow grew boring I think...

Stand up**
= WHY THE *** HAVE I STILL NOT FINISHED THAT ONE ? It´s hilarious......

Just Watching:

= Aahh...finally a new one with MatsuJun..and he looks so good with long hair. Lovely love story with that girl who doesn´t talk... and *_* guh! Oguri Shun with blonde hair and as a REALLY bad guy....*_*

Tree of Heaven**
=I haven´t seen more than 2 episodes yet and cried through both of them. XD so I probably need my time with that one ..but ! It´s great! Very teary...but LOVELY!! It´s counted as k-dorama but there´s actually more talking in japanese up until now.

Nodame Cantabile
XD hey..even Changmin was fond of that´s funny till now!

Wanna watch!

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